•  Things to do in Arundel

Things to do in Arundel

  • Published: 8 April 2019

The famous market town in West Sussex, Arundel is home to the iconic 11th century Arundel Castle and eye-catching Victorian Gothic Cathedral. However, there is much more to this small town than just these two historic attractions.

With many art galleries in place and some beautiful homes dating back to the Victorian and Georgian period, this quintessential town is a real find for all those who appreciate the serenity of the countryside and have an inclination towards art. In fact, if you visit towards the end of August, then you will be lucky enough to enjoy their art festivals too.

While in Arundel and away from the hustle of the cities, book a guest house in Littlehampton and prepare for a memorable stay in the stunning harbour. There’s a huge variety of ways you can explore the nature, waters, markets and artistic appeal of the town – start walking towards the countryside, go for a boat safari on River Arun or hire a cycle and take a ride around the town.

Let’s take a look at the places you can visit, aside from the Castle and Cathedral if you have an interest for nature and love knowing about the prehistoric events of any town.

South Downs

Arundel is surrounded by UK’s National Park which was designated in 2011. Thus, the majority of all three sides is taken up by the South Downs, rippled chalk hills bordered by clear streams and blossoming grassland.

If you love adventure activities and are up for a day’s hiking, then there is no better way to enjoy the pathway from the town than walking.

Arundel Museum

If you want to get to know any city and get yourself acquainted with its history, then visiting a local museum is one of the best ways to do so and you have that opportunity in Arundel also. In fact, you are going to love walking through the lanes getting information about the trade and viewing the tools used in the times when Arundel was an industrial hub.

You will also get to see preserved remains from 500,000 years ago, fossils from the Cretaceous sea and a Roman Stylus in the museum.

Arundel Wetland Centre

Located around the bend in River Arun and just beyond Castle Park, the Wetland Centre is much more than just a typical natural reserve. It is home to rare bird species such as Hawaiian Geese, endangered marbled ducks from the Mediterranean and wooden ducks from Australia.

You can go through a boardwalk that would take you to the eight hideouts where you would be able to spot wildlife, over the reed beds and water.

Arundel has an abundance of exciting places to explore. In fact, the town has something to offer around every corner, catering to travellers from all over, making it a must-see location at least once in your lifetime! Be it during the Arundel festivals or any other time of the year, staying in a guest house in Littlehampton is the best way to stay close to the authentic vibes of the town.

With comfortable rooms, the relaxing environment, welcoming staff who are always available to tell you more about town and the places you can visit, Comfort Inn Arundel is your perfect base from where you can explore everything Arundel has to offer.

To find out more about our services and enquire about booking a visit to our small oasis of calm, feel free to look through the pages on our website or call us direct to speak with a member of our friendly team.