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Must-Have Conference Room Facilities

  • Published: 10 May 2019

Oganising a business conference is often more challenging than one might think, because unfortunately just having a preferable venue in mind is not all there is to consider. Finding a location willing to accommodate to the various needs of all attendees is a hard enough feat, let alone the multitude of additional aspects that would need to be taken care of.So, how would you decide what is required in your specific conference room? What do you need to take into account in order for your day to run smoothly and be a success? Fortunately for you, we have put together a check list of potential requirements to assist you in the planning process. Taking into account the amenities you may need and discussing with our team of professionals, we can ensure that a conference is set-up tailored to your individual needs.

1.Projection Screen

Make sure that your conference venue has a projection screen installed along with a whiteboard that can be connected with a laptop and printer. This makes your presentation or meeting more interactive for the members and would enable you to provide print-outs in real time should this be required.


This is undeniably the most important requirement for any meeting or conference in this age of laptops and digital information sharing. When choosing a venue, it is imperative that you have access to interrupted Wi-Fi connection with good bandwidth so that everybody can connect to their systems at once without affecting the connection speed.

3.Audio Equipment

A high-quality microphone and sound system are needed when hosting a conference. It will help you communicate properly with all the attendees as they will be able to hear you without any issues. Ensure that you check it before the conference begins to confirm it is powerful enough to reach the entire crowd, especially if you are planning to invite a large group.

4.Systemized Seating Arrangement

Decide among the different types of seating arrangements according to the purpose of your conference and the size of attendees. Whether you want it laid out in the style of a theatre hall, a classroom, a banquet or perhaps you would prefer to opt for a simple U-shaped setup, find out which style would benefit you most by discussing your requirements with the venue manager, we can take care of the rest!

5.Accessible Location

Location should always be taken into account when deciding upon a venue, as considering how accessible it is from airports and train stations is a crucial step in planning a conference. Businesses are often wide-spread, so it important to cater for those traveling a long distance and ensure that transport and accommodation is taken care of.

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